I fell in love with fashion when I was only eight years old and by 17 it was clear to me that I was destined to become an evening wear and bridal gown designer.

Inspired by art, history and the female body, and with a confident and daring woman in mind, I design gowns that combine classic, timeless details with contemporary and sexy twists. Each individual piece is bold, unique and reflects my personal point of view in designs that accentuates femininity but leave room for the imagination. I use elements that are innovative, represent my signature style and incorporate unique fabric combinations which make every dress special.

What guides and inspires me most are my clients and brides – powerful confident women who are proud to express their individuality and do not fear standing out. My design process begins with getting to know the woman in front of me, understanding what makes her feel happy and beautiful – I am privileged to be part of her life and join her on this journey.

I’d love to get to know you and invite you to visit me at my studio or contact me online or by phone.

With love,

Sivan Ben David